Surf The Internet and Download Files Anonymously

bullet imageA few years ago most people could surf the internet and download whatever they wanted to without worrying that someone was watching them on the internet. These days it's almost impossible to browse the internet or download files without someone collecting information. Most sites track location and IP addresses when a user accesses it. Even the government collects information about what users do on the internet. The only way to prevent the government and other tracking software is by accessing the internet from a different physical location. A virtual private network is a connection shared between two or more computers that allows safe and anonymous internet access.

An established VPN provider can offer access all around the world. Users can access services such as Netflix even if they are in a region that is locked out. This kind of internet access isn't like typical internet access though. By borrowing hardware in a different location the user is limited to the local bandwidth cap. Some servers offer slower service in some areas. Some countries have bandwidth restrictions, resulting in websites loading slower and downloads taking longer. Users can check IPvanish speed test for information about service availability and bandwidth limits.

A VPN does more than just prevent obnoxious advertisements loading each time a site is opened. Users need to protect their right to privacy on the internet. Using a VPN allows anyone to browse the internet without having to report to anyone what sites they visit. Using file sharing software or torrent sites doesn't have to be a risk. Many internet service providers will throttle a user's bandwidth if torrent software is detected. Using a protected IP address means not having to worry about unfair service providers.

Users can search the internet for providers. It's important to choose a provider with servers around the world. Competitive pricing means that users can find a VPN for less than five dollars per month. Golden Frog VPN reviews is a great place to start looking for great deals on virtual private networking. Safe and anonymous internet access is closer than some users might expect.